Saying Goodbye to Luers’ Legends

Almost every year at Luers, we have many teachers retire and depart from our school. This year we have 2 teachers retiring with a combined time of 45 years at this school.

Mrs. Marciano is currently one of the Spanish teachers at Luers. She has been teaching at Bishop Luers for 30 years. She has been the moderator for the World Culture Club for the past 25 years and has held a strong relationship with our sister school, Fushiki, in Japan. Mrs. Marciano has taken trips with Luers students 3 times. Mrs. Marciano explained that her favorite class to teach is Spanish V because they can have easier communication in the classroom. Her favorite memories at Luers are taking the students to Japan.

Mrs. Marciano says that the one thing she will miss most is seeing the students each day. She also said that she will miss the closeness of the staff as that is one of her favorite parts about Luers. In her newfound free time, Mrs. Marciano wants to travel more. She has daughters which live in the West and she is planning to travel there to see them often.

Mrs. Hanlon is currently the junior theology teacher at Bishop Luers. She has been teaching at Luers for a total of 15 years. Mrs. Hanlon coached cheerleading for 5 years at Luers after the old cheer coach had left. She says her favorite memories are when students come back to visit after they graduate and when she gets to touch the lives of students to lead them to live a more holy life. She says that one thing she will miss is drawing students closer to their faith life, and she will not miss grading, especially research papers. Mrs. Hanlon explained that her favorite class to teach is Sacraments, specifically the day which her students read Saint Paul's letter to the Ephesians about husbands loving their wives as Jesus loved the church.

Mrs. Hanlon said that her favorite part about Luers is seeing the students each day. She said, “Young people keep you young, and age you at the same time”. When asked what the dumbest thing a student has said she explained that students say dumb things each day. In fact, Mrs. Hanlon keeps a word document called “Book” and she writes all the crazy things students have said. In her newfound free time, Mrs. Hanlon has many activities planned. She plans to spend more time with her four grandchildren, her siblings, which are retired, and her parents. She is also planning to travel, continue her adult education work for the diocese, take classes on government and various topics at Hillsdale College, and finally get to enjoy the fall.

Bishop Luers would like to give a big thanks to both dedicated teachers for all their time at Luers. We wish them the best of luck and lots of relaxation in their retirement!